Ill Medical Patients' Acute Care & Treatment

All the skills required to manage acute medical take in two days
The IMPACT Course is a two-day course covering all aspects of core medical training to enhance trainee confidence in managing acute medical take.
What to expect
IMPACT provides “state of the art” online patient simulation and peer reviewed up-to-date e-learning as preparation for an intense two day face-to-face course. Key point presentations, workshops, “hands on” skills stations and critically ill patient teaching are given by trained senior doctors in a supportive environment.
Across the whole UK... and beyond
IMPACT is available at 23 Course Centres across the UK and the Isle of Man. The programme is now expanding internationally in Sweden and the Republic of Ireland.


IMPACT is designed to improve patient safety by enhancing the skills of senior medical trainee doctors who manage acute medical admissions. All major acute presentations are covered as IMPACT is mapped to the UK core medical curriculum. IMPACT is aimed at CT1/2 level trainees in Acute Medicine, General Internal Medicine and Acute Care Common Stem (ACCS) programmes. Foundation doctors intending to embark on a career in any of the aforementioned specialties can undertake the course after completion of 8 months of acute medical specialities in their FY2 year but must bear in mind that the standard of teaching is pitched at CT1/2 level. You should have successfully completed an Advanced Life Support (ALS) course before you attend an IMPACT Course.











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Why do IMPACT?

Because IMPACT has been designed by senior doctors from many medical disciplines, including Acute Medicine, Respiratory Medicine, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Renal Medicine, Anaesthesia, Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care, the JRCPTB actively support trainees in acute and core medical specialties to undertake an IMPACT course. IMPACT has been successfully running throughout the UK since 2004.

IMPACT attracts enthusiastic senior doctors keen to teach their specialist areas. Dedicated Instructor Days are provided to make sure that the standard of IMPACT teaching is high. Feedback is provided by candidates on every single course in order to maintain standards. The quality of teaching on current IMPACT courses is graded good or excellent by the vast majority of trainees attending the course.

Every IMPACT Centre has a dedicated Course Director and Administrator. These people do their utmost to ensure that you have a good experience before, during and after a course. They are the first point of contact when you wish to undertake a course.

In addition, the National Co-ordinator for the IMPACT project is Elaine Millar. Elaine provides excellent administrative support to the Centres to ensure smooth running of the project both within the UK and abroad. If your query relates to the National Programme or how to achieve Instructor status, Elaine will be happy to help,




IMPACT is available at 23 Course Centres across the UK, the Isle of Man, Sweden and the Republic of Ireland. Our Centre contact details and map are located under “Centres” section on our Home Page.

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