Want to help your trainees in medicine?

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Want to teach acute medicine?

IMPACT is for you!

The IMPACT course is a two-day course introducing the principles and practice of acute medical care and related knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes.

The course is aimed at IMT1 and IMT2 level doctors in acute medical specialties including Acute Medicine, Acute Care Common Stem (ACCS) and General Internal Medicine.

The course is open to delegates at FY2 level who are able to demonstrate a particular interest in pursuing a career in the specialties noted above. FY2 doctors must have completed at least eight months practice in acute medical specialties in their FY2 year before they can attend the course. Advanced Clinical Practitioners in acute medicine are also encouraged to attend as their skill mix is very similar to those of junior doctors in training at IMT1 level.

IMPACT enables trainee doctors to assess and treat acutely unwell patients and where appropriate gives guidance on when to ask for help. The course provides key point presentations, workshops, “hands on” skills stations and critically ill patient teaching is given by experienced instructors in a supportive environment.

Designed by the Federation of Royal Medical Colleges and the Royal College of Anaesthetics, this course is endorsed by the Resuscitation Council UK and the Intensive Care Society. IMPACT has been successfully running throughout the UK since 2004.

Want to teach on an IMPACT Course?

If you are interested in becoming a member of faculty for IMPACT you must meet the following criteria:

Be a consultant, associate specialist or specialist training registrar (ST4 or above) in acute medicine or related specialities in possession of a MRCP, FRCA, FRCS (A&E) or other equivalent higher degree in medicine.

In some cases, and at the discretion of the course director, a suitable specialist nurse or allied healthcare professional (e.g. Resuscitation Officer) practising acute medicine can contribute to IMPACT. The majority of IMPACT faculty should be doctors.

Faculty must have undergone some form of instructor training prior to teaching on IMPACT. This can be a GIC course or any of the advanced life support courses referred to below or attendance at an IMPACT Instructor Training Day.

Ideally, faculty should have also attended an IMPACT Course as an observer. However, if they are known by the course director to be familiar with the content and teaching style employed by IMPACT, this is sufficient to allow participation in the faculty.

Want to run an IMPACT Course?

A licence to run the IMPACT course is required.

For this you need to be a consultant or associate specialist in acute medicine, general medicine, anaesthetics, intensive care or accident & emergency medicine who has documented certification of instructor status with advanced life support courses such as Advanced Life Support, CCrISP, ILS, ALS, PALS


documented successful attendance at education training days such as generic instructor course (GIC) or “training the trainers” course and/or attendance at an IMPACT Instructor Training Day


observed and taught on one established IMPACT Course at an established IMPACT course centre and been signed off by the Director of that course as being a suitable person to become a Course Director.

If you would like more information on becoming a faculty member for IMPACT or if you wish to apply for a licence to run an IMPACT course, please contact the IMPACT Central Office at impactcentral@rcpsg.ac.uk